Focal themes 2017


A yearning for the natural

The focal theme of Giardina 2017 builds on a topic that has already proved extremely popular with our visitors: biodiversity. Does this mean that natural gardens are right on trend at the moment? The natural garden is a highly practical invention. A modern, low-maintenance garden which with its wide variety of species emphasises gardening culture’s contribution to biodiversity can also be more natural, more alive and wilder.

The Giardiana visitors, the media and the Giardina team are all equally excited to see how you will approach the focal theme “A yearning for the natural”.


A passion for craftsmanship

Good-quality craftsmanship is alive and kicking, and Giardina 2017 will be the perfect opportunity to show visitors just how true that statement is. At our exhibition, talented craftspeople and artisans will take centre stage. Your unique creations and small-scale productions will be firmly in the spotlight. What we need are craftsmanship, quality and creativity. Whether it be an antiquated forge product, a finely polished wooden design or a handmade outdoor kitchen – our visitors will be looking for your unique creation.