Dear Exhibitors and Co-Exhibitors of Giardina 2021, 

In an attempt to contain the pandemic, a national ban on indoor exhibitions and markets came into force on 29 October. As a result, the events industry has more or less shut down completely for an indefinite period of time, since there is no way of knowing when this ban will be lifted. In consultation with a number of different exhibitors, we have come to the conclusion that the current situation makes it impossible to plan an event like the Giardina properly and reliably. Thus it was with a heavy heart that we reached the decision on 29 November to cancel Giardina 2021. We are already turning our attention to Giardina 2022 with exciting new concepts and an expansion of the digital presence.
Your advance payments will be credited or refunded
With the cancellation of Giardina 2020, we bore the entire financial loss ourselves by waiving all cancellation charges, contrary to our contracts, and crediting your payments on account in full to Giardina 2021. In the spirit of a good, cooperative partnership, we would now be very grateful if you would once again transfer these payments on account to Giardina 2022. This would make the organisation of the event much easier for us. As our gesture of thanks for your loyalty, we would grant you an additional 5% credit on this account value. Of course, we can also understand if you would prefer to have your deposit returned to you – and it goes without saying that we are offering you this option as well. 

To help us better coordinate the processing, please let us know of your decision by 15 January 2021 using the form below. 

To the form

Kind regards,

your Giardina-Team