Focal themes 2020


Contrasts – they make gardens exciting

A harmonious garden design promises peace and relaxation but can also become boring in the long run. Skilfully created contrasts ensure welcome variety and heighten the impact of individual objects and elements – be they furniture items, shrubs, trees or sculptures. 

Show how a carefully judged mix of harmony and excitement can turn a garden into something truly exceptional.


A yearning for comfort and security

Nowadays, gardens are more than ever an intimate place of retreat – a place to relax and enjoy, ideally out of sight of the neighbours. What does it take to make a garden radiate a sense of well-being, comfort and security? Cosy niches, hidden corners and sheltered spots – to turn all this into a reality, you need a carefully thought-out plan.

Show how intimate niches of well-being and hidden corners can transform a garden into a place of comfort and security.