Focal themes 2022



Subtle contrasts can be used to create eye-catching gardens and patios. Giardina is picking up on this exciting theme. Leading Swiss garden designers reveal how colours, shapes and materials can be used in a complementary way to create a unique effect: light and dark, rounded and angular, rough and smooth – contrasts are the key to a harmonious and varied garden design. 

Come to Giardina and be inspired by gardens and patios that surprise the visitor with their thrilling contrasts and unexpected elements. 



In this day and age of digitalisation and round-the-clock availability, more and more people are seeking refuge in their own garden as a natural hideaway in which to recharge their batteries and find peace and quiet. In response to this emerging trend, Giardina is focusing on primal need and human longing for comfort and security.

A properly designed and furnished garden can be a place of rest, relaxation and restoration of the senses. Leading Swiss garden designers will be presenting inspiring garden worlds, such as gardens and patios, that offer protection and privacy against the hectic pace of everyday life, exuding harmony, strength and serenity.

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