Anniversary Giardina 2018 - 20th Giardina is more cutting-edge then ever

Published on 3/16/2018 by Giardina
When the Giardina was first held concurrently with the Muba in Basel in 1997, most Swiss gardens were fairly simple affairs: expanses of lawn with random plantings and somewhat uninviting seating areas dominated much of the scene. At the same time, home ownership was on the rise and with it the demand for properly designed outdoor spaces. Enzo Enea, who today creates gardens all over the world, was given a stage for his spectacular garden visions at Giardina for the first time, bringing Swiss garden culture to life in collaboration with the exhibition organisers. This triggered a trend in garden design that is still unbroken today. Twenty years later, Giardina is Europe’s largest indoor gardening event and one of the most successful public shows anywhere. “Giardina is an indispensable economic driver for the garden sector and plays a crucial role in shaping the economic climate of the market. Working with the best garden designers in Switzerland and neighbouring countries, we create an annual garden experience that is without equal in Europe,” says Christoph Kamber, Exhibition Director of Giardina. 

Topical issues as a success factor
One main reason for the sustained success of Giardina is its role as a trendsetter. Each year, the event picks up on current issues that are translated by the industry’s leading suppliers into unique model gardens on a 1:1 scale. Visitors are immersed in garden worlds that focus on delivering an inspiring, thrilling experience. In this anniversary year too, the spotlight is on one of the major social issues of our day: the design of living space in an age of high land prices, increasing urbanisation and high-density construction. 

Garden dreams despite limited space
Whether on plots of land in an urban environment, on hillside locations or in city and niche gardens with little space – today, gardeners are faced with the challenge of transforming often small, irregularly shaped areas into gardens where there is room for quiet zones with a fireplace, vegetable beds, water features and even wellness zones. The garden, patio and balcony have become indispensable havens nowadays. “Garden and patio owners want outdoor areas that can be used flexibly – in spite of the often limited space available. Our well-thought-out, functional planning approach means that our design concepts satisfy multiple different needs at the same time – in style,” says Patrick Schöni, dipl. Ing. HTL/FH Horticulture at gardens Gartenideen AG. 

Alfresco living with sophisticated outdoor furnishings

While comfort and design have long been the top priority indoors, too little attention is paid to the furnishing of the area outside and thus to the connection between the living space indoors and the space outdoors. “Modern construction techniques with large-windowed facades puts the garden visually much more in the limelight than before,” says Brian Wiss, master gardener at Berger Gartenbau. Sophisticated lighting design and a clever implementation of style, materials and furnishings means the garden or patio is beautifully presented and has a homely feel – even in winter or in the evening. At Giardina 2018, the pros demonstrate how stylishly and functionally alfresco living zones can be furnished and decorated so as to let you enjoy the beauty of nature every day, whatever the season.   

Enzo Enea to join anniversary celebrations
For two decades, Giardina has been providing Switzerland’s best garden designers with a unique platform for great ideas. It is a stage as much for aspiring newcomers and designers as for the leading lights of the industry. With his vision for the garden, Enzo Enea had a major hand in making Giardina what it is today. With his spectacular garden concepts he surprised visitors again and again and made individualised, quality garden design accessible to the public. This assured him the attention of the whole industry. “Giardina is the only event that fittingly represents and continuously shapes Swiss garden culture. Today, the design of the garden is just as important as the construction of the house itself – thanks in part to Giardina,” says internationally acclaimed garden architect Enzo Enea. In keeping with this year’s main themes, other Giardina celebrities such as Antoine Berger (Berger Gartenbau), Marcel Egli (Egli Grün Sirnach), Peter Richard (Winkler Richard Naturgärten) and various newcomers will present their ideas on how garden dreams can come true as a natural continuation of the indoor living area, even when space is limited.


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