Favourite Spots: that special place in one’s garden

Published on 1/23/2019 by Giardina
As we’ve seen in the past few years, the warm season is getting longer and the number of hours of sunshine per year is increasing. As sunny weather returns, life moves into the garden. For a feeling of real well-being and security outdoors it takes personally designed niches, nooks and spaces. At Giardina 2019, Switzerland’s best garden and balcony designers will be showing how to create such “feel-good” places and offering a wealth of practical ideas to inspire garden-owners to implement them in their personal green oasis.

Making every garden special
The first step in planning any garden is the question of the purpose of the green space. This is also true when you’re designing your future favourite spot. Are you wanting a haven of tranquillity? A place where you can soak up the sun away from prying eyes? Or a sociable setting for meals together and to entertain guests? The answers to this kind of question will help garden designers find out what garden owners have in mind for their favourite spot. “A favourite spot has to be designed individually so as to fit in with the surroundings,” says Joel Kunz of Gartist. In this the amount of space available plays a lesser role, because no place is too big or too small to create a miniature paradise for oneself. However it is important to divide up the space well: “Forming distinct spaces is the most important aspect,” Patrik Trüb, Managing Director of Trüb für Grün AG, confirms. For example, gravel, natural stone and wood can be used to create floors, walls and paths, but also to separate garden areas from each other.

Playing with nature
Nature often plays the leading role in the design of favourite spots. It offers a contrast to the stress of your daily routine and lets you experience flora and fauna in a small space. With a well-thought-out planting strategy, even smaller areas can be divided into niches and spaces. “No other element in the garden offers such an abundance of design options as trees, grasses, flowers, shrubs, perennials or bulbs,” says plant expert Joel Kunz, who specialises in landscaping with plants. But other natural elements, such as fire and water, also create atmosphere. A swimming pond with a wooden deck or a small fountain on the patio cool you down on hot summer days, and their gentle background rippling and splashing also soothe the soul. All-year-round fire pits or compact fire bowls provide a focal point for evening barbecue parties and tempt you outdoors even on cold days. 

Lovingly furnished
Once the favourite spot has been found and planted, it is furnished with beautiful furniture and accessories. A spacious garden table and comfortable lounge furniture become the centre of family life during the summer months. Weatherproof textiles in the form of curtains, carpets or cushions are great for adding atmosphere. 
If you want to enjoy your favourite spot even after sunset, it’s wise to opt for sophisticated lighting. “The lighting is extremely important,” Brian Wiss from Berger Gartenbau stresses. “A sophisticated lighting concept creates a sense of cosiness and brings that little corner or niche into its own.” Beautiful lamps, lanterns and candlelight here and there contribute to a harmonious ambience and can also be incorporated into small areas to wonderful effect. 

Sheer inspiration
Whether it’s a place of peace and relaxation, for social occasions or for hobbies and adventure – at Giardina, Switzerland’s leading garden designers show the many different guises that favourite spots can take. Berger Gartenbau’s atmospheric Night Garden, for example, features an ingenious lighting concept, a flowering carpet of perennials and colourful lounges by Livingdreams. In Peter Richard’s Nature Garden, flowering ornamental cherries, delicate birches and coloured spring blooms play the leading role and create the backdrop for a variety of havens. The specialists from Gartist show what lush planting can look like even in a dry climate. The highlight of the “Green Library” project by F Design Landscape is a floating library that connects the outdoors with the indoors and opens up new perspectives. The Association of Swiss Gardeners JardinSuisse, STOBAG and other leading landscape designers are also creating stunning “favourite spots” in the halls of Messe Zurich, surprising visitors with innovative ideas, solutions and products.


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