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Big Special Show Urban Gardening «Green up the City»

As part of its 2023 «Green up the City» special show on the theme of urban gardening, Giardina and its partner VEG and the City will be showing innovative ideas and products for planting on urban balconies and terraces on an area of over 600m2.

This is also a special highlight for Zimmermann: «It has become noticeable how much people in cities long for green spaces - Urban Gardening offers impressive solutions with which even the smallest balconies can be transformed into green, unique, even edible oases.»


Gudrun Ongania, Managing Director of VEG and the «Giardina, as the largest Swiss garden fair, is an annual highlight that we don't miss. But with the special show on urban gardening, we can pass on our philosophy to visitors even better. Nature is close to our hearts. Whether on a small city balcony or a large terrace: an edible, insect-friendly dream garden is possible anywhere! Biodiversity starts at home. This will be demonstrated at this unique special show and visitors will be encouraged to get involved.»


The staff at VEG and the City work with great passion and joy every day to offer innovative and sustainable products, exciting courses and new garden inspirations. And all with the aim of enabling everyone to create, feel, taste and enjoy their urban garden.

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