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Ikebana International with Rahel Zweig

IKEBANA is the Japanese art of flower arranging, that has spread all over the world. Let be inspired by beauty and expression of the arrangements from Chapter Zürich & Basel and enjoy this oasis at Giardina. The Swiss ceramist/artist Rahel Zweig shows her work in a special exhibition.

IKEBANA is a traditional form of Japanese art and is primarily expressed using natural materials such as plants and flowers as well as some non-floral elements. Ikebana was originally used by monks in the temples to make flower offerings. Since this time, this practice has developed into a true art form and can be found in many places throughout the world reflecting the contemporary spirit of its surroundings.

As the Ikebanist practices the techniques of this ancient art, the mindful observation of nature and the meditative consideration of flowers and branches brings inner peace and a sense of calm enabling the artists to create appealing arrangements that can be powerfully evocative and expressive. While working, the Ikebanist is immersed in a reflective state of mind, seeking a dialogue with the plants and flowers. The arrangements represent the harmony between the sky, the earth, and the designer at work. 

IKEBANA INTERNATIONAL is a cultural NGO founded 1956 in Japan which is dedicated to the promotion and conservation of Ikebana, the art of Japanese flower arrangement. The organisation is represented by many regional groups throughout the world.

The IKEBANA INTERNATIONAL network has over 250 chapters all over the world. Our motto, “Friendship through flowers”, nurtures and enhances our interest in nature, aesthetics, and Japanese art in general. The members of Ikebana International Zürich and Basel are part of this international network and help to safeguard and preserve this precious art worldwide.

This year's IKEBANA exhibition again features a diverse selection of unique flower arrangements. Five schools are being represented. Allow yourself to be touched by the beauty and radiance of each of the works and enjoy the peace and quietness of this natural oasis.

As an "exhibition within the exhibition", the Swiss ceramist/artist Rahel Zweig shows two major works: "Stones" bases on ikebana and Kandinsky's idea of the universal connection among humans. "Songs of the woods" leads us into a sureal, disturbing natural world. Since her time in Argentina, 2009 – 2012, the artist works with ceramic objects and installations. She applies different techniques for modelling the surfaces or creates ceramic installations with compliments of natural material (www.rahelzweig.ch).

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