Product Giardina 2024

Outdoor sauna: Bee house 2.0

Sauna where the bees once worked. The garden of this house was once filled with the buzzing of bees. The owner of the house was a keen beekeeper. But then he decided to spend his free time in a different way and revitalise his passion for saunas.

As rustic as this garden sauna may seem at first glance, the weather-beaten little house has it all: the sauna can be controlled via touchscreen and heated up using smart home technology while on the move. But before the owner of the house lies down on the sauna loungers, he always takes a walk through the garden to look for flowers and herbs, just like his bees used to do: They go into the sieve of the heater for the aromatherapy...

The bees that once lived here had it classy: the mini-chalet boasts a pointed roof and elaborate carvings. Inside, it was panelled horizontally with polar pine during the renovation. Its black tongue matches the dark colour of the wood on the exterior façade. The frameless glass door of the sauna cabin with touchscreen provides a modern counterpoint.