Plant walls from Switzerland

With respect for the environment, our plants and plant walls are produced locally in the canton of Zurich. The majority of our suppliers are Swiss companies.

The Product

Our plants are grown in Switzerland at our partner Meyer Orchideen AG, the first climate neutral greenhouse in Switzerland. We can offer plants of high quality and different sizes, always ready to be delivered. The pots we offer are from Ecopots, a market leader that offers a modern design and excellent quality. The living walls, on the other hand, are built in Switzerland and stored in our greenhouse so that the plants can grow. In this way, each wall looks beautiful from the moment of delivery.

Customer Care

We believe that every company should focus on what it does best. That's why we are committed to providing you with plants and all related services, so you never have to worry about this issue. We can call it "plants as a service": You subscribe, increase or decrease and can cancel at any time with minimal fees. 

We use a very small amount of pesticides to take care of the plants, as we have found many natural products that work efficiently and keep the plants happy and healthy.

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