Bildhauerwerkstatt Martin Wiese

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SCULPTURES FROM MARTIN WIESE Garden sculpture or `eyecatcher´ for your foyee. Martin Wiese realizes on a national and international level as a Stone Carver, Sculptures in Natural stone and bronze. A Sculpture from Martin Wiese will enrich its surrounding with power, sensibility and calm.

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About us

Sculptures from Martin Wiese

Within the various cycles Fragnents, Elements, Monoliths and Two Stone Cyles, Martin Wiese has over time created a story and a fictional background to accompany his creations.

As an result bespoke over dimensional sculptures, with an archaic gracefulness have taken form. With the incorporation of movable heads, his sculptures can alter their perpective and facial expressions with allow for not only a personal involvement between viewer and piece, but also a changeable atmosphere that can be a achieved.

A sculpure from Martin Wiese will enrich its surroundings with power, sensibility and calm.

Delivery and Installation

Details concerning Installation and delivery can happily be discussed in person with Martin Wiese. Sculptures from M. Wiese have found their way to all different manner of surroundings, whether it be a Kontorhaus in Hamburg or a mountain chalet in the Swiss Kanton of Wallis.