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Pendularis Floating Indoor Garden transform interiors into green oases, noticeably improve the indoor climate and thus promote well-being; at home as well as at work.

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About us

Pendularis was developed at the Institute of Environment and Natural Resources of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW/IUNR). It is the result of several years of applied research, with the aim of designing a holistic solution for indoor greening: elegant, modular design, easy to handle and low-maintenance plants.

Offering a combined solution of system, plants, lighting which all are customisable makes Pendularis unique in indoor greenery. You can enter the world of plants in the simplest and most attractive way. Pendularis is not just a potted plant, but a display of plants which represent a floating garden.

The modular design allows all conceivable design options in terms of size, color, lighting elements, planting and maintenance.

The design modules are suspended from the ceiling via thin wire ropes. This allows Pendularis to be flexibly positioned in the room, independently of walls and floors, creating the appearance that the plants seem to float in the air.