Giardina awaits you every year with garden lovers with a high purchasing power as well as with interested professionals from all over Switzerland. Benefit from Giardina as a premium platform and enjoy a dazzling and promising start to the season.

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The Construct Data Verlag and the "Expo Guide" use the names and brands of exhibitions staged by Swiss Exhibition without our consent. Swiss Exibition is not linked to these two companies in any way. It is not necessary to have an entry in the "Fair Guide" and "Expo Guide" in order to participate in exhibitions organised by Swiss Exhibition.

Do not sign any forms
These companies generally ask exhibitors to fill out or correct a registration form. If you send back the signed form, you are committing yourself to paying a total of EUR 3543 over a period of three years.  It is only possible to withdraw from the contract by sending a registered letter within a period of ten days of returning the signed form.

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