Focal themes 2019


Favourite spots – places to live and dream

It feels so good to be outdoors once we’ve discovered our favourite spot: somewhere to indulge our hobbies or simply let our soul soar free. Such places of the heart can come about by chance, but ideally they are deliberately planned and designed – whether in the garden or on the patio or balcony. 

At Giardina 2019, garden designers will be showing how they cater to their customers’ individual needs in creating these kinds of favourite spots. For a successful implementation, it is just as important to skilfully exploit the available space as it is to find the right furniture and infrastructure.


Technology in the garden

Nature and the latest technology go hand-in-hand nowadays: irrigation systems water the garden fully automatically without consuming a lot of water, just as efficient pool technology reliably controls the water quality in the swimming pool. Stunning low-energy LED lighting illuminates the garden beautifully at just the right hour of the day, and gardening becomes a fun experience thanks to low-noise, eco-friendly battery-powered appliances. Vertical greening makes for beautiful façades or serves as a free-standing privacy screen, while stylishly installed solar technology meets ecological concerns. It goes without saying that modern garden technology is nowadays easily integrated in the other domestic technical systems. When planning a green oasis, 3D modelling makes it possible to see and even experience the surroundings before they are created. 

Today, future-looking technologies are already an integral part of garden design and supply garden owners with much valuable support.