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Published on 1/23/2017 by Giardina

The largest international indoor garden exhibition promises visitors a unique garden event from 15 to 19 March. Giardina 2017 will focus on the theme of new naturalness in garden design. In keeping with this gardening trend, it will be shining a spotlight on creative craftsmanship and presenting a curated selection of high-quality one-off pieces and items made by Swiss manufactories and artisans from neighbouring countries. Wooden, metal and stone pieces that are inspired by nature and crafted by hand lend a special touch to any garden and can be bought by visitors directly at the exhibition.

Artisans present one-off pieces
In addition to the large and small show gardens that transform the halls at the Messe Zurich exhibition centre into a garden paradise every year, a further highlight of this year’s Giardina will be a wide range of high-quality one-off pieces and items hand-crafted with passion. Working in steel, metal or wood, traditional Swiss artisans as well as designers and design engineers from neighbouring countries will be exhibiting hand-forged lamps, beautiful pieces of furniture and fabulous sculptures that give an atmospheric feel to any garden, patio or balcony. Giardina 2017 offers modern artisans an opportunity to present their work to the public at large and sell their one-off pieces and small-series products to interested visitors directly at the exhibition.

Enchanting furniture and accessories
Whether it’s a garden, a patio or a balcony, beautiful furniture and evocative accessories lend a special ambience and a personal touch to any outdoor area. At this year’s Giardina, altrimenti will be displaying small items of antique furniture, which, thanks to a new coat of paint, have been turned into unique, one-off pieces. Peter Hansen Ceramic Design will display beautiful ceramic lighting objects; flechtart will present a fascinating array of vibrant and curved wicker screen walls woven at the event itself and Eternit (Schweiz) AG will demonstrate that fibre cement can be used to make timelessly elegant plant containers, furniture and accessories.

Wooden artworks, large and small
From simple wooden tables to loungers fashioned directly out of enormous tree trunks and an organically shaped lounger in the form of a grotto, Thomas Rösler’s designs are fascinating. A freelance artist from Markdorf in Germany, Rösler uses a hand-operated chainsaw to craft one-off pieces out of enormous oak trunks. Patrick Hostettler from NATURART produces unique objects from Swiss wood at his studio in Frauenfeld. Using wood that has been shaped by the natural elements over many decades, he creates artworks that would enrich any garden. Jeff Lleshi is another person who has a keen eye for nature. Using driftwood from Engadin and olive wood from his home island of Corfu, he creates unique tables, mirrors, lighting objects and candle stands in Zuoz. moveArt brings wooden sculptures to life. Young and old alike are invited to rest, climb, slide and balance on their large-scale benches and sculptures.

Fiery metal objects for the garden
Nowadays, traditional gas and charcoal barbecues are not the only place where you will see fire in the garden. Artisans like Stefan Traber from STETRA create special, multifunctional metal barbecues, which can also be customised on request. Nutt Design Anstalt specialises in barbecues and special fireplaces made of steel which will delight every amateur chef and lend a characteristic note to any garden. Torches, lighting objects, seating furniture and artworks can also be produced from steel. One person who proves this is the case is Andrea Stahl, who has been designing, creating and welding unique artworks for 30 years. Nick Höltschi will be presenting a selection of his works at Giardina 2017, including sculptures, railings, fire objects, furniture and pictures made of metal. One of his most recent creations is a spectacular water-wheel clock – a unique item that is a real eye-catcher. We must not forget about plant containers, either. Exhibitors such as Grütter Metallwaren AG will be presenting elegant steel containers, which can be integrated harmoniously and stylishly into any environment.

Set in stone
One indispensable component of every garden is stone. Local stone is used not only for traditional design elements such as floorings, walls and steps; it can also be fashioned into furniture, sculptures and fountains. Fontarocca Natursteine from Mönchaltdorf manufactures classic and antique-style fountains, fountains made from boulders, water features and birdbaths which will attract a lot of attention in any garden. Scheidegger & Kunz will also be displaying artworks made of stone, playful and opulent sculptures and abstract shapes at Giardina 2017. Stone sculptor and mason Martin Wiese from the Black Forest produces works, which not only represent the natural elements; they also depict seemingly ancient faces and monoliths. His works would be a fascinatingly mystical highlight in any garden.  

Giardina 2017 runs from 15 to 19 March 2017 at the Messe Zurich exhibition centre. Opening hours are Wednesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., on Friday until 10 p.m. and at the weekend from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Here is an overview of the artisans and manufactories mentioned above:
•       altrimenti, Flurlingen
•       Stahl by Stahl GmbH, Oberentfelden
•       Eternit (Schweiz) AG, Niederurnen
•       flechtart GmbH, Affoltern a.A.
•       Fontarocca AG, Liestal
•       Grütter Metallwaren AG, Herisau
•       HICO Feuerland, Gränichen
•       Lleshi Art, Zuoz
•       Martin Wiese, Oberried/St. Wilhelm (D)
•       moveART GmbH, Dornach
•       NATURART, Frauenfeld
•       Nutt Design Anstalt, Balters
•       Nick Hoeltschi, Hö Metall, Niederönz
•       Peter Hansen Ceramic Design, Wachtberg
•       Scheidegger & Kunz Steinkunst GmbH, Rothrist und Huttwl
•       STETRA Gmbh, Uesslingen
•       Thomas Rösler Landschaftsobjekte, Markdorf (D)

Image captions
1.    Craftsmanship brought to life: the wooden sculptures by moveART are also decorative play castles. (Photo: Giardina / moveART)
2.    Bringing nature into your home and garden: NATURART creates sculptures and wooden objects for indoors and outdoors. (Photo: Giardina / NATURART)
3.    Pliable wicker is combined with rigid steel to form a unique, natural screen. (Photo: Giardina / Flechtart)
4.    Engineering artistry of the highest standard: this complex, fully functioning water wheel clock handcrafted entirely from metal by Nik Höltschi is one of a kind. (Photo: Giardina / Nik Höltschi)
5.    Stone sculptor and mason Martin Wiese handcrafting one of his impressive sculptures. They are guaranteed to lend an individual feel to any garden. (Photo: Giardina / Martin Wiese)
6.    Jeff Lleshi combines natural wood with glass and metal to forge a unique item of furniture. (Photo: Giardina / Jeff Lleshi)
7.    For atmospheric evenings outdoors: warm light emanates from the ceramic spheres handcrafted by Peter Hansen. (Photo: Giardina / Peter Hansen Ceramic Design)
8.    Thomas Rösler transforms enormous tree trunks into sculptures, which are both optically fascinating and an ideal place to rest. (Photo: Giardina / Thomas Rösler)
9.    Every one of the fibre cement containers by Eternit is made by hand at the company’s manufactory in Payerne. (Photo: Giardina / Eternit)

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