Feel-good gardens and urban living spaces of the future

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“Giardina is the only platform in Switzerland that showcases trends and ideas in contemporary garden design and picks up on social issues and developments early on. Yet at the same time, the Giardina is quite simply an experience for all the senses," says Christoph Kamber, Exhibition Director of Giardina. With its 22nd edition, Europe’s leading indoor garden event confirms once again its role as a trendsetter and shop window for the garden sector. 
Yearning for a safe haven – feel-good gardens
This year’s Giardina devotes itself to our longing for comfort and security in a daily routine beset by roundthe-clock availability. In inspiring garden worlds, leading Swiss garden designers illustrate how to combine structure with diverse, near-natural planting and natural materials to create gardens that are oases of peace, harmony and strength. “Nature offers the best setting for an enhanced sense of security and a slower pace of life. The skill is to shape it with great sensitivity in such a way that we humans, but also fauna and flora, feel at home in it,” says Michael Engler of Gardens, who is teaming up with Stobag and other partners to present an impressive show garden. This year’s Giardina will also be packed with ideas and examples of how to create an exciting and varied garden through the deliberate use of contrasts. Marcel Egli, operations manager at Egli Grün Sirnach, comments: “If it doesn’t have that certain something, you need the courage to break with what already exists. It is the unexpected that makes gardens exciting.”  

The urban living space of the future
After the project “The Visionaries” took off at last year’s Giardina, this year the innovative project group of some 20 companies will be presenting solutions and technologies for the urban space of the future. Their show garden features vertical greening and a cloud of mist to lower the local microclimate, mobile and modular forms of living, and resource-friendly methods for urban farming and aquaponics. Living, working and production are impressively combined and integrated into a circular economy on an area of 520m2. “The 
Visionaries brings together experts from various disciplines and shows how a sustainable city can be planned and built with an integrated approach,” says Fabian Vollrath, initiator of the project. 
The experience of biodiversity
More than ever before, the theme of biodiversity will also be in the spotlight at this year’s Giardina. Garden experts such as Gartenpflanzen Daepp show how to increase the diversity of species in the garden and on the patio and balcony, and how to produce food sustainably. "The loss of biodiversity and climate change are closely linked. Every square metre of greenery incorporating a wide variety of plants helps to counteract this,” says Patrick Daepp. Under the title “Plants of the Future”, he invites visitors to take part in an exciting educational trail on the subject of biodiversity and offers information about climate trees. 


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