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Garden of poetry

Using the slogan “garden of poetry”, Kobel Gartengestaltung will be creating a literary garden together with tree rescuer Ueli Lamprecht for Giardina 2017. With a unique wall of books, a reading carriage and a selection of readings, Kobel will take visitors not only through a naturally designed garden but also into another world. Authors from the magazine “Reportagen” will present their exciting reports from all around the world in 10-minute readings. The readings will take place every day at 11 a.m. and 1, 3, 5 and 7 p.m.

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The show garden by the company Wetzel AG celebrates the gardening trend for new naturalness with the element of water. A biopool of drinking-quality water and a bathing fountain with biologically treated water are set amid a range of plants and elegant yet comfortable seats. Each of the different places of retreat enable visitors to enjoy the garden from a new perspective. The garden also features a fully fledged outdoor kitchen in the form of a flame barbecue which can be used at all times of year. Around 40 lamps in the shape of raindrops bring this highly varied garden to life and round off the design.

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Wetzel Gärten

Halle 2 | Stand H10

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Enjoying the great outdoors

Daniel Meyer, a garden designer from Adligenswil in the canton of Lucerne, is convinced that gardens and terraces of natural stone and real wood make the most natural of all living areas. He uses the forms, colours and textures associated with these materials to create gardens that exude a visual fascination. Daniel Meyer’s outdoor living rooms reflect the desire to bring the indoors outside: at Giardina he showcases one of Hico’s spacious outdoor kitchens with garden fireplace and an ingeniously sunken dining and lounge area by infusing the space with stylish light accents. A higher-than-normal dry stone wall underscores the timeless appeal of this particular layout, based entirely on the naturalness of the materials. Report download (GER)


Daniel Meyer Gartengestaltung AG
Hico Feuerland


Hall 2 | stand F05

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Cocooning nature

Berger Gartenbau, with their landscape architect Brian Wiss, and interior designer Nicole Hoch from Livingdreams conspire to whisk Giardina visitors away into an enchanted, natural-looking garden. A willow house by Flechtart, huge sandstone slabs, a jungle of hanging plants and falling water blend with gigantic fabric lanterns by Livingdreams to form a fascinating whole.
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Berger Gartenbau


Hall 1 | Stand B10

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Rooftop Garden

A rooftop is more than just an open space in a densely populated urban area: it’s also a place where you can move about in the fresh air, and what’s more against the backdrop of a unique skyline vista. But with limited space available, it’s wise to make the most of the limited space – horizontally and vertically. Partitioning the rooftop with shade and roof systems divides the space into various areas, each with a specific purpose. The show garden by STOBAG AG is given over entirely to the creative use of space. Backed by partners specialising in outdoor kitchens, landscape architecture, pool technology, garden landscaping and horticulture, ̈STOBAG AG immerses visitors in an authentic urban rooftop experience.
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Stobag AG

vivell+co AG
Matter Garten

Hall 1 | Stand D20

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