Highlight 2023 Giardina 2023

versatile & colorful

2023 will be all about fermob's colorful collection, houe's contemporary designs, fast's high-quality products and bullfrogs innovative lounges. Trendy pastel colors, stunning outdoor fabrics and extraordinary shapes will beautify your outdoor oasis.

Fermob - 22 colors, huge range, high quality

Try out the extendable table Ribambelle live at our booth and choose the perfect chair painted in the most fashionable color.

Houe - no-frills design established in Denmark

Chairs and garden lounges in 11 different colors. Elegant shaped bamboo tables with a robust steel frame will enrich your personal outdoor space perfectly.

Fast Spa - Perfection made in northern Italy

If you think design and comfort don't match - Forest will enlighten you differently. Check out the stunning Forest chair and it's beauty & comfort at our booth. Combined with tables like AllSize and Radice Quadra it will impress you even more.

Bullfrog - Functionality meets versatility

The german company combines innovative shapes with functional design. In every single furniture lies an yet to discover surprise. They swing, swirl, twirl, get flat, rise up and sometimes they just stay. Curious? -> Hall 4 / L05