News Corner 2023

All the information about the cooperation

Your magazine at the Giardina News Corner

Giardina recorded well over 600,000 visitors in previous years. Take the opportunity to reach interested readers at Giardina and present your magazine for visitors to take home free of charge in our News Corner. Be seen at the most frequented location in the foyer of the exhibition.

Gain new readers!

  • Showcase your magazine in the highly frequented News Corner during the entire exhibition  
  • A company profile in the digital Content Hub “Giardina Society” with the option of publishing 2 blog posts
  • Receive media texts and images for editorial previews of Giardina 2023
  • Voucher contingent for editorial draw

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The Cooperation

  • The News Corner cooperation is an offsetting transaction without cashflow.
  • In addition to showcasing your magazine in our News Corner, we also offer you a strong online presence: Let your content reach the affluent Giardina Community without scatter loss, and strengthen your brand with increased visibility in a stunning environment

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Daniel Wesche

Head of Marketing (External)