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Ceremony Giardina Award 2023

The winners of the Giardina Award 2023 have been chosen. On 14 March 2023, the expert jury, consisting of jury president Patrick Schöni and jury members Lilly Gomm, Konstanze Neubauer, Urban Rennhard and Fabienne Kienast, sat down.

After two visits and consultations, the winners of this year's Giardina Awards 2023 were announced. One award each in gold, silver and bronze was presented for the show gardens in the categories "Mastergarten", "Showgarten" and "Ideengarten".


In the category "Mastergarten" we congratulate:

Gold: Egli Grün AG with their Mastergarten "Genuss reich"

Silver: Winkler Richard Naturgärten with their Mastergarten "Dä Max chunt au"

Bronze: STOBAG AG with their Mastergarten "Waldbaden"


In the category "Showgarten" we congratulate:

Gold: Züst Grüngestaltung GmbH for their Showgarten "Reflecting Landscape"

Silver: F Design Landscape AG with their Showgarten "Living outdoors"

Bronze: Berger Gartenbau / LIVINGDREAMS with their Showgarten "Mallorca Dream"


In the category "Ideengarten" we congratulate:

Gold: HARTWAG Holz AG with their Ideengarten "Pop Up Garden"

Silver: Meier Gartenbau AG with their Ideengarten "My Island"

Bronze: K. Winkler AG, Holzbiegewerk with their Ideengarten "Bentwood Harmony"


Until 19 March 2023, you still have the opportunity to visit the show gardens and stands at Giardina and get inspired.


Giardina is one of Europe's leading indoor events for life in the garden. Every year at the beginning of spring, this unique exhibition forms a brilliant start to the season: the most important suppliers in the sector present new products, creative solutions and the coming trends in garden design over an area of around 30,000m2. Amidst spectacular garden examples and artistic installations, visitors will find a wealth of inspiration and ideas for their personal floral and plant world in the garden, on the terrace and on the balcony.

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