Product Giardina 2024

High-quality sharpness for your kitchen knives

HORL-1993, by Elsasser-Peter AG, Unterkulm! The best knife is only as sharp as how it was sharpened. Accordingly, a poorly sharpened knife is as useful as a car with flat tires or a guitar with broken strings. Which of course nobody wants.

The problem, however, is that a lot can go wrong when sharpening. In the worst case, you damage what you actually wanted to sharpen. But the roller sharpener from Horl-1993 can take away this worry!

15 degrees doesn't sound like much, but it's actually a lot - because when grinding, 15 degrees is everything! Only when the blade to be sharpened is tilted at a precise angle of 15 degrees, the knife will be sharpened and not destroyed. Thanks to the magnetic locking of the Horl, there is nothing to change about this all-important 15 degrees. So nothing stands in the way of effective, millimeter-precise grinding! You are welcome to test it.

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