Product Giardina 2024

Make your own fresh salad dressings - succeed with Nahrin seasoning mixes

For salad lovers who prefer fresh and individual dressings, our seasoning mixes, vinegars and oils offer the perfect solution. Whether classic or creative - with our salad dressing seasoning mixes, you can prepare delicious salad dressings to suit your taste in no time at all.

Salad always works. And if you don't want to use ready-made sauces, we highly recommend our great salad dressings, seasoning mixes, vinegars and oils. 

With the Salad Mix Classic seasoning mix, you can prepare your own salad dressing in no time at all. You can use your preferred vinegar and oil mix as you wish. We recommend our Balsamico Bianco, Aceto Balsamico di Modena or extra virgin olive oil from Crete. For a lighter salad dressing variation, you can add stock or yoghurt to the salad dressing. If you prefer a slightly sweet dressing, we recommend Nahrin Salad Mix Finessa. Both seasoning mixes are perfect for preparing salad dressing in advance.

The products are available at the Giardina, from your trusted Nahrin advisor or in the Nahrin online store. (free shipping)

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