Quan Garden Art Premium Line

The Quan Premium line is a result of a long engineering process and many tests. Building on the structural integrity, practicality, and inherent beauty of our Quan range of products, the Premium line takes the experience to an even higher level.

Quan Premium Large is a barbecue equipped with a 15 mm thick 1000×1000 mm fire plate. Since the central area can reach a temperature of roughly 400 °C and the outside portion remains somewhat colder, our fire plate is ideal for adjusting the cooking pace. The inside bowl is constructed of stainless steel and is removable for cleaning. Because the outer bowl is separate from the inner bowl, it acts as a protective barrier against the heat of the fire within. Our barbecue is equipped with adjustable air vent system that allows the intensity of the flames to be controlled. The whole construction is settled on the strong, double-ply base, holding your fire plate at an ideal height of 90 cm above ground when simultaneously serving as an art intake regulator. By utilizing channels and vents, it provides an optimum amount of airflow that aid in ignition and causes less smoke. Premium Large is also equipped with an ashtray, for a quick and easy removal of ash from the bottom of the fire plate. We offer a variety of accessories complementing Quan Premium Large.

FInd some models at our stand at the Giadina or in our shop in Oberaach.