Lifestyle Giardina 2024

We will make you hot....

...not with an immoral offer, of course, but with our unique range of ovens and stoves, which are made to customer specifications in a small factory.

As a Swiss manufacturer, we have been synonymous with quality, sustainability, and creativity since 1984, specializing in stoves and cooking ranges in various configurations.

We exclusively craft our products based on customer preferences, creating unique pieces with a long lifespan and distinctive features.

Presently, we offer the following services:

  • Restoration and modification of historical stoves and wood-burning cookers
  • Certification of historical stoves and cookers according to air quality regulations
  • Custom-made creations in stove and cooker construction
  • Special outdoor stoves and cookers
  • Individualized storage heaters
  • Modern fireplaces and fireplace stoves

Feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment and visit our manufacturing facility and treasure trove housing over 600 original historical stoves and cookers.

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For historical ovens, stoves and custom-made products:

For modern ovens: