Eterno Ivica SRL

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Eterno Ivica Srl is a company that has been operating in architecture and construction market for over 60 years. We have always paid attention to quality with constant investments in research and development allow us to create innovative, functional and effective solutions.

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About us

Eterno Ivica is a company that for over 60 years has worked in the construction market producing accessories and components for different sectors of the building industry. Our productions are widely distributed all over the world, positioning toward a global market for private and industrial construction.

 At the basis of Eterno Ivica's work are 4 founding values: innovation, quality, collaboration and sustainability; indispensable elements to be able to optimize production and meet customers' needs.

 The company, which has been operating in the construction market for over 67 years, has developed various solutions with the aim of meeting the needs of all our customers. Our lines include adjustable supports for raised floors, waterproofing accessories, installation systems, polypropylene manholes and gutters, sound-absorption and sound insulation.