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We show Switzerland as it is - authentic and down-to-earth. In doing so, we tell you about extraordinary people and fascinating natural spectacles. Look forward to delicious dishes, valuable gardening tips and the most beautiful sides of Swiss country life! The Schweizer LandLiebe

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About us

Back to nature

Back to nature: LandLiebe, the high-quality magazine from Ringier Axel Springer Schweiz AG, takes up this trend. We show Switzerland as authentically as it is. We live with the seasons. We don't meet celebrities, but people who are rooted in their habitat, accomplish amazing things and have something to tell.

LandLiebe decelerates, it is romantic, poetic, free of glitz and glamour and very Swiss; LandLiebe is not hand-knitted and conservative. LandLiebe is also mountain love: We hike for and with our readers through the country. We climb summits. We show original and surprising sides of Switzerland.

Whoever writes for LandLiebe has a green thumb. Likes life in the country. Knows how countrywomen cook. Has friends who knit wonderfully. LandLiebe is also a service. The editorial team and renowned columnists guarantee quality and reading pleasure.