Conditions and prices

Giardina Style - Exhibition worlds filled with emotion

Gardens and special exhibitions

The gardens and special exhibitions are based on themes, and significantly impact the trends of the gardening season. Use this potential to make your garden life something special. The display of products is not permitted.

Types of presentations:

  • Floristry & Design
  • Conceivable 1:1 garden models:
    • Smaal garden (20 to 50 m2)
    • Show garden (70 to 200 m2)
    • Master garden (from 200 m2)
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Staged exhibition and sales stands

Stylishly staged product stands and inviting manufactory presentations are what make the elegant appearance of the Style section so unique.


  • Garden
  • Terrace
  • Balcony garden/small terrace/urban gardening
  • Living: Furniture, pots, accessoires, etc.
  • Floristry/plants
  • Handicrafts/manufactories
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Giardina Style - Register online with your stand concept

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Giardina decides on the projects that are approved for the Style section based on your submitted concept, which should include a clear visualisation and material description.

We do this to ensure that the top-quality exhibition worlds filled with emotion are curated. 

We are happy to assist you with the implementation of your idea.

Online registration 2023


If you have any questions, please contact

Ajas Kulici
Tel. +41 58 206 50 16


Giardina Market - Product-related shopping worlds

Traditional exhibition stands

The Giardina Market captivates the public with its mix of products. Exhibit what you have to offer at an attractively designed stand and sell your products and services to an extremely discerning and affluent audience.


  • Bathing and water world
  • Shadings
  • Floristry
  • Gardening elemts
  • Garden decoration
  • Garden equipment and tools
  • Gardening literature and information
  • Garden furniture
  • Garden and plant centre
  • Garden technology
  • Miscellaneous gardening goods
  • Grills & outdoor kitchens
  • Outhouses
  • Pflants
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Plant sale

Present your plants as a sensorial experience and use the unique environment at Giardina as an exclusive sales platform. Special conditions apply to the direct sale of plants. 

Giardina Market

Smaller exhibitors bring the Giardina Market to life with high-quality, garden-related products to take home. Use one of our market tables as an entry point and benefit from direct sales. Special conditions apply to the market tables. The spots are limited.

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Giardina Market - Register online

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Admission to the Giardina Market is based on the Giardina nomenclature. The minimum stand size is 10 m2. Giardina reserves the right to reject applications from exhibitors with inappropriate stands or those not displaying theme-related products.

Online registration 2023


If you have any questions, please contact

Ajas Kulici
Tel. +41 58 206 50 16


Exhibition space - Prices

Your exhibit at Giardina is important to us. That’s why you can select your exhibition space, which is reasonable in terms of price and size and is sure to meet your expectations. All prices are in Swiss franc (CHF) and do not include the VAT of 7.7% applicable in Switzerland.

The stands are allocated as of mid-September.

Style or Market section

Admission to the Style section only after concept approval. Admission to the Market section is based on the nomenclature.

CHF 268 .- / m2 

Show garden 70m2 to 200m2
(after concept approval by exhibition management)

CHF 165 .- / m2

Small garden 20m2 to 50m2
(after concept approval by exhibition management)

CHF 165 .- / m2

Marketplace (limited number of spots)

Prices on request 

Plant sale

CHF 195 .- / m2

Surcharges for open sides

Stand space with 2 open sides

+14 % 

Stand space with 3 open sides

+16 %

Stand space with 4 open sides

+18 %

from 100 m2 

no surcharge 

Registration fee for co-exhibitors

The main exhibitor must register any participating parties at Giardina as co-exhibitors.

The flat rate for co-exhibitors of CHF 1,350 already includes the basic digital presence in the exhibitor directory.

Per co-exhibitor

CHF 1350 .- 

Mandatory services

The price for participation at Giardina consists of the following mandatory services:

  • Floorspace rental (only floorspace; minimum space 10m2)
  • Basic digital presence (CHF 680)
  • Mandatory liability and fire insurance
  • Technical services (electricity, water, ceiling loads, etc.)

The provisions of the Exhibitor Regulations and the Operating Regulations of MCH Messe Zürich apply to Giardina.