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VEG and the City several locations

Organic seedlings directly delivered to your home

Can you hear it already? The soft rustling under the earth? We do. Because we are busy luring our young plants out of the ground. We give them lots of love so that they can grow big and strong in your home. Pre-order now.

Boum AG 4 / G23
Balcony Gardening

A innovative planting system for a greener future.

Welcome to Boum, the eco-tech company that is set to revolutionize the way we cultivate plants. Soon, we will take a glimpse behind the scenes together and explore how Boum ignites a green revolution through the fusion of technology and ecology.

VEG and the City several locations
Tips & Tricks

A piece of nature in your own home

Houseplants increase the quality of life and aesthetically enhance your own four walls. Whether small or large, hanging or upright, green or colourful - at VEG and the City you are guaranteed to find a new roommate that suits you. ­čî┐

Wolf Storen AG 6 / J10

Swiss Made aluminum window shutters

For a fa├žade that is as stylish as you are. Wolf window shutters are made to measure and manufactured in our own factory in Switzerland. Made from aluminum, they are extremely stable and resistant to extreme weather conditions. In addition, all models are hail impact tested and SQS certified.

viplounge home & garden ag 5 / A05
Application example

Weatherproof Garden Lounge

Spend more time in your garden with a weatherproof garden lounge from Viplounge. No more dragging lounge cushions indoors, the garden lounge from Viplounge is weatherproof and ready to use at any time.