Highlight 2023 Giardina 2023

Big Special Show Urban Gardening «Green up the City»

Giardina is one of Europe's leading indoor events for garden living. Amid spectacular garden examples and artful installations, visitors will find a wealth of inspiration and ideas for their personal floral and plant worlds in the garden, on the terrace and on the balcony.

The series of talks will be moderated by Bettina Walch, Managing Director of Plan Biodivers. Since 2021, the journalist and her company have been working to promote and plan biodiversity in Switzerland.


What to expect:


  • What can cities like Zurich do against increased drought, heat and heavy rain? And how can biodiversity be improved? Dr Ingitta Scapozza, Head of the Nature Promotion and Education Division at Grünstadt Zürich, will address these questions.
  • Erich Steiner, Managing Director of the Swiss Green Roof Association, will share his experience on green roofs and photovoltaic systems in a short presentation. A combination that, he believes, not only can but must be used - for an earth with a future.
  • Nathalie Gomes takes us into the vertical realm. The designer and technical interior architect uses climate and air measurements to develop vertical planting concepts that successfully integrate into and optimise the organism of a city.
  • Architect and portfolio manager Franz Hollinger uses the best-practice project «Biodiversity - the near-natural bank» to demonstrate the ecological, economic and communicative effects of a wild bee garden.
  • There is still a lot to do for an effective ecological infrastructure, also in Switzerland. Dr. Franziska Wloka, agricultural biologist and project manager for ecological infrastructure at Birdlife Switzerland, reports on what is crucial here.

A green living environment improves well-being - what is psychology telling us? Alice Hollenstein, psychologist, Co-Director of the Center for Urban & Real Estate Management (CUREM) at the University of Zurich and founder of Urban Psychology Consulting & Research, will discuss this question.

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