Service Giardina 2023

Bring the garden into your home!

Garden centre, but different! VEG and the City specialises in urban gardening and seasonal cut flowers. From creative planters to organic seeds and locally grown vegetable & herb seedlings, you'll find the products to make every urban gardener's heart beat faster.

VEG and the City is all about organic gardening in the city. The young Swiss company has set itself the goal of re-establishing the lost connection to food and offering city dwellers a vegetable garden that suits their lifestyle, as well as the knowledge associated with it. That's why the label only sells seeds and fertiliser in Swiss organic quality and durable gardening accessories, most of which come from small producers. In addition, you can find a large selection of seasonal slow flowers and various houseplants online and in the three stores.

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VEG and the City is convinced that green thumb is just a rumour. Anyone can learn and excel at gardening. That's why the company also offers colourful workshops and courses and actively helps to plant balconies and gardens with the Foodscaping team.

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Our stores are right in the city: you can garden directly in our store. Everything is also available in small, urban portions, e.g. peat-free soil and other substrates in open sales. Our staff in the stores will answer any questions you may have about gardening, so that the first lettuce and the first home-grown tomato make it to your plate. Sustainability, seasonality and localism play a major role. Our organic seedlings are produced locally around Lake Zurich. We buy organic seeds from Swiss producers and thus directly support the preservation of biodiversity. The founder - Gudrun Ongania - is actively involved in the business - be it in designing the product range or running courses and events.

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Stop by, we look forward to seeing you!


Our Stores:

    Store Zürich
    Lagerstrasse 36-38
    8004 Zürich

    Store Winterthur
    Unterer Graben 1
    8400 Winterthur

    VEG and the City Bloom
    Freilagerstrasse 71
    8047 Zürich

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