Service Giardina 2024

Customizations for terrace

A large and beautiful garden lounge, which provides space for the whole family and friends and invites every summer evening to cozy get-together, something that almost everyone wants. But where to put all the big cushions, if they are always to be dry and look as long as possible neat.

When creating their new garden terrace, our clients paid special attention to this question. Particular attention was paid to the overall harmonious appearance of the terrace, despite the fact that the many large lounge cushions were stored as close as possible.

To meet these requirements, we designed a 2.6 long and 1.3 meter high waterproof cushion box. The choice of materials was aluminum and stainless steel, aluminum for the base body because it is extremely weather resistant and has sufficient strength for most loads. Stainless steel was used for all heavy-duty and reinforcing elements. In order to create a harmonious image, the wooden boarding was made from the same decking boards that were used for the terrace floor.

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