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Decking with Wood Grain Appearance: Functional and Aesthetic

Choosing wood-look for your patio floor combines natural beauty and warmth, evoking pleasant associations with wood. However, for a functional patio floor, it is better to opt for wood-look rather than real wood.

Millboard decking provides a durable alternative to traditional wood flooring. With a top layer made of resilient Lastane, it is weather-resistant, rot-free, and low-maintenance. Easily cleaned and resistant to stains and algae, it ensures safety with high slip resistance over 30-40 years. Unlike wood, it retains color intensity and is efficiently installed thanks to a coordinated system with concealed fastenings for aesthetic appeal.

The hand-lacquered Lastane layer authenticates wood structures, including coarse grain for weathered oak appearance. Choose from two collections: "Enhanced Grain" for classic wood decking and "Weathered Oak" for the look of century-old oak in various colors.

Millboard's wood-look decking is sustainably produced in the UK, avoiding tree cutting. The fiber-reinforced mineral materials have a verified positive greenhouse gas balance according to DIN EN ISO 14064-1. Millboard, the world's first wood-free decking, has ISO 14064-1 verified CO2 footprint and UKAS accreditation.

Millboard offers a diverse range of decking colors from warm earth tones to dark Burnt Cedar. Selecting the right wood-look decking can be challenging, but we're here to advise on features, technology, and designs. Millboard decking is a sustainable alternative to real wood with outstanding qualities. We warmly welcome you to visit our booth.