Product Giardina 2023

DO MORE - Do more with your Broil King!

With the grill you prepare a delicious dinner - usually with meat and often with grilled vegetables. That's true as far as it goes..... But that means not everything. With the right "Do More" accessories, your BROIL KING creates every meal of the day!

You can create complete meals and cook them on your Broil King® grill. Yes, really - you can do it with the perfectly fitting "DO MORE" accessories from Broil King®. Our accessories are designed and manufactured with the highest precision to provide you with the maximum grilling fun and taste. In addition, they offer you a multitude of practical applications, a surprising variety and unimagined grilling experiences. - so you can always stay creative! Use the entire grilling surface and do more with your grill!


With the Broil King cast iron plates, which are available for every grill, you can easily fry your perfect fried egg on the grill. Together with bacon and vegetables, - You can not start the day better! NEW there is even a cast iron plate from Broil King for on your side stove! Isn't that cool?


Whether it's veggies, burgers, sausages, steak, a clam dish or fish, it's a snap with the right Broil King accessories. Whether you want to use a wok insert, a plancha or a cedar plank doesn't matter, because you can replace each grate individually and complement them with the perfectly matching Do-More accessories. Check out our website or Instagram and Facebook for lots of great recipes and ideas!


Skewers on the grill offer you lots of variety and creativity. No matter what flavor you or your guests prefer, with the barbecue skewers everyone will find what he likes and nothing stands in the way of a successful barbecue evening. Whether vegetarian, vegan or e.g. with a Japanese variant, there are no limits to your ideas! With the narrow skewer rack from Broil King nothing sticks to the grate, so you succeed every skewer.