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FLARE, the fire plate with a system

THE FLARE FEELING - Fire awakens our innermost instincts for food, warmth, security and fascination. Barbecuing together over an open fire is probably one of the most enjoyable things you can do in your life. Spending time together with your loved ones.


The FLARE barbecue is largely made of solid Corten steel. This noble material forms an attractive patina on the surface, which protects the steel from further oxidation.
The solid steel grill plate ensures optimum temperature distribution. Once the plate has been properly heated, it is also protected from corrosion by a patina.
The outdoor fire pit can therefore be left outside in all weathers and offers a unique ambience at any time of year. The integrated ash container in the grill tray collects the finely burnt residue, can be emptied quickly and easily and ensures optimum air supply.

Dekonstruktion_NEU-temperatur_WEB.png (1.5 MB)


Our modular system is designed so that a fire bowl and plate can be used on different bases. This means that different barbecue heights and areas of application can be covered in just a few simple steps. 

FLARE-80_Variationen_WEB.png (1 MB)


The FLARE from the Black range is characterised by its elegant and simple design. The black finish makes it very easy to clean and at the same time protects it against rust and weathering. Specially manufactured stainless steel clamps serve as protection between the fire bowl and the base. This prevents damage to the coating.

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