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Indigenus planters - South African craftsmanship exclusively at hauser design

It was a years-long process, combined with many beads of sweat and valuable lessons, until the Indigenus planters developed into what they are today: Unique pieces with world-famous status.

Each series is unique, and each pot illustrates this irresistible effect that sculptural plant containers have on architecture and the environment. They embody a close bond with the earth because they are created from natural materials, all sustainable. Always claiming to have been made for life and not just for a season.

A world-class factory

Indigenus works with the best designers and artisans in the world. The collections always reflect the same attributes: Courage, curiosity and experimentation. But ultimately, it is the craftsmanship that puts Indigenus in a league all its own. And so each individual vessel tells a story about our relationship with the world.

From vision to success

How did it all come about in the first place? Well, Indigenus was founded in 2014, by Peter van der Post from Cape Town. At the beginning of his career, he worked in a rotational molding company. That's when he noticed a lack of high-quality plant containers on the market. And so his vision to produce the most original and beautiful pots was born. The plan came to fruition: Over the past eight years, van der Post worked with a top team of designers in South Africa to create works of art that speak for themselves. 2022 saw exciting collaborations with internationally renowned designers from other countries. And it came to the distribution partnership with hauser design in Freienbach at Lake Zurich. Now we are making history together.