Product Giardina 2023


Aftershave, ties and socks were yesterday. Nowadays, men's plants are a cheeky and modern gift idea for the man of the world. Fun Fact: The diverse buddies in green have names like Bruce, Jack, Bill or Harry. What's more, each plant comes with a matching postcard with a link to care instructions.

How do men tick? 

Of course, men love flowers, too. But men's plants, behind which there is a story, are a completely different story. In addition, the "stronger sex" tends to prefer idiosyncratic plants, those that have rough edges. That's why we ended up with a mix of succulents and foliage plants: With prickly ball cactus, small-leaved money tree, large-leaved violin fig or pointed mother-in-law's tongue, to name a few. A planter with a "male look" is also included, as well as a logo that shows a moustache in addition to the brand name "male plant". Last but not least, the plants were given appropriate names. The Fleurop team asked itself what a plant radiates, then tried to put the impressions into words and find a suitable name including slogan. Whether they sometimes thought of celebrities in the process remains to be seen. 

Plants with character traits?

Of course they did. After all, the names arose from what the plants radiate or what makes them so special. Sometimes the trivial name of a plant was decisive. For example, the Ficus lyrata is also called the violin fig, which is why the plant "Frankie" was given the slogan "He's the one who plays the music". The rubber tree was thought of as a butler because of its retro flair. That's why it was given the name Alfred and the slogan "Oldie but Goldie". But of course there is much more. Because reliability, carefree, perseverance, sportsmanship, professional ambition and more can also be found among the characteristics. There are currently 17 plants to choose from, and recently even baby plants have been added. Because for bookshelves, niches, office desks and other places where there is little space, you still want a lively little plant now and then. 

Why ladies also love Männerpflanze

Surprisingly, ladies are also attracted to male plants. Not only because women buy the green buddies for the sweetheart or "Bappe". Rather, they also want them for themselves or for other women. So it may well happen that an athletic woman "cheats" with jock Mike because she has a couch potato for a partner or is attracted to carefree Harry because her own husband is so overprotective. And why give man plants to another woman? Well, you could give your best friend in money trouble the money tree Bill, for example, to wish her "better times." Or you could give her the caring Charlie to ensure her happiness. But many also simply find the plants cool with the whole idea behind them and now have a whole harem of boys at home.

What do the Fleurop brand ambassador and the latest plant have in common? 

Quite simply. The newest guy plant is a Madagascar palm. And both the plant and Fleurop brand ambassador Kariem Hussein aim high. Kariem Hussein is a top athlete and doctor as well as a person who is constantly developing. And this ability to never give up plays a big role in Kariem's life. No matter what happens, he stays on course: calm, level-headed and self-confident. Just like the Madagascar palm. It is robust, hardy and a real eye-catcher - just like Kariem.  Both are visually impressive with their minimalism and elegance. And both come from the southern hemisphere. So, as you can easily see, it's no coincidence that the Madagascar palm is called "Kariem" and its slogan "Keep going. Keep growing."

And where do you get your man plant?

If looking at the many men's plants makes you warm to jock Mike, jungle king George, the dependable Max or one of the many other buddies, at you'll find not only all the dealers/sales outlets, but also the entire range, lots of facts and stories about the various plants, and - under TV commercials - two funny spots showing why Bruce is the only guy with "staying power". Incidentally, Männerpflanze is a success story. After all, since the innovative product line was launched in 2018, it has been in high demand and - as a complement to the often delicate range of flowers - has become an integral part of the Fleurop assortment.

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