Fleurop Interflora (Schweiz)

Fleurop Interflora (Schweiz)

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As the global market leader in flower arranging, we stand for quality, service and innovation. But not only the classic flower giving is one of our strengths. With our additional brands Männerpflanze and FleuropHOME, our range has been specifically expanded.


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Fleurop Interflora (Schweiz) several locations
World of flora and plants

Fleurop - bold, fresh, cool, stylish and full of surprises as usual

Do you like it green? Or flowery? Are you interested in lifestyle in your home? Do you like home-grown produce for the table? Are you passionate about cooking? Then the FLEUROP stand with its various brands and product lines is an absolute must.

Fleurop Interflora (Schweiz) several locations


The Fleurop flagship store "The BLOOMERY" is located directly at the main entrance of Switzerland's most popular shopping center, the Glattzentrum. There, the minimalist industrial look fully meets the taste of the urban clientele. The store is a paradise for everyone who loves flowers and plants.

Fleurop Interflora (Schweiz) several locations

Männerpflanze: Aftershave, ties and socks were yesterday

Nowadays, men's plants are a cheeky and modern gift idea for the man of the world. Fun Fact: The diverse buddies in green have names like Bruce, Jack, Bill or Harry. What's more, each plant comes with a matching postcard with a link to care instructions.

Fleurop Interflora (Schweiz) several locations


The assortment of fleurop-home.ch is aimed at people who are looking for something special for your home. Many of our often regional products are not available in any other online store, because our suppliers are rather smaller specialty retailers, flower stores or decoration stores.

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About us

Fleurop delivers charming, loving and cool flower greetings not only in Switzerland, but throughout Europe and even worldwide. In Switzerland, this includes around 350 flower stores, and worldwide even more than 50,000 in more than 150 countries.

Fleurop-Interflora is a synonym for worldwide flower arranging.
Behind this stands a network of selected flower stores. These are contractually bound to Fleurop, meet the strictest quality requirements at all levels and carry out the Fleurop orders. The latter are put together in a Fleurop partner store near the person receiving the gift and delivered personally.

To ensure this even over long distances, Fleurop takes care of the communication and organizational requirements.
Only in this way is it possible to order a bouquet of flowers via the Internet, telephone or in one of the many Fleurop partner stores, for example in Zurich, and have it delivered a few hours later in Bern, Berlin, New York or anywhere else in the world.