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The Fleurop flagship store "The BLOOMERY" is located directly at the main entrance of Switzerland's most popular shopping center, the Glattzentrum. There, the minimalist industrial look fully meets the taste of the urban clientele. The store is a paradise for everyone who loves flowers and plants.

Always new, always cool brands

Since the flower store set up store in Glattzentrum in the fall of 2019, "The BLOOMERY" has made a name for itself. It is an El Dorado for those who are always looking for something new from the world of flowers and plants, are into cool brands and like to shop where the offer meets the pulse of the time. The latter is already evident in the store's premises. The minimalist industrial look suits the young, urban clientele in every respect. 

An Eldorado for those who like things individual

Anyone who loves a constantly changing range of products should not miss a visit to "The BLOOMERY". Of course, the trends in fashion and interior design are followed. But it is important to managing director and master florist Marc Müller and his team to also convey an attitude to life beyond the usual paths. In short: "The Bloomery" thinks of urban customers who don't want anything "off the peg," but who want to constantly feel the changes. Accordingly, one is then also ready to respond to individual private and corporate customers and to focus on individualized services such as advice and customized decorations.

"The BLOOMERY" - wonderful luxury for everyday life

In short, "The BLOOMERY" is oriented towards customers who don't want a dime-a-dozen product, but are looking for tailor-made solutions. Whether pampas grass, flowers in cool hat boxes, dried flower dreams or plants: A stroll through "The BLOOMERY" makes you forget the daily grind and shows many possibilities to treat yourself to some luxury in everyday life. Be it to embellish your own home with beautiful trouvailles or to develop original gift ideas. 

What is currently most in demand?

The most popular at the moment are flowers in boxes, whether they are cut flowers, fresh roses, stabilized infinity roses or dried flowers. Men's plants are also very popular, with ladies also enjoying them. But also the exclusive Mobach vases or cool Dutz jars are often bought, not to mention the butterflies under glass, which also always find enthusiastic buyers.

Flower store with benchmark function

Last but not least, "The Bloomery" is an ideal platform for testing products and services related to Fleurop and the florist trade, improving them if necessary, and obtaining answers to important questions. How are the bundled flowers on offer received? Which bouquet shapes or additional products are popular? Who buys male plants? Are bouquets with exclusively Swiss flowers well received? And what new services are in demand? The market will provide the answers to such questions and many more via "The Bloomery". And Fleurop will make the insights gathered in this way available to its other partner businesses.

Flowers even when nothing else is going on elsewhere

By the way: "The BLOOMERY" is open daily (except Sundays) from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.. And that means that for forgotten gifts or when you want to do something good for yourself, you have a super address to stock up with style and taste even after hours.