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Pellet vs. Gas: What is the Best Grill For Me?

The great debate between charcoal and gas grills has long been known, but there is a new competitor in the garden: the pellet grill. Pellet grills combine the best of both worlds with smart control, and a focus on convenience and flavor.

Pellet grills are taking the grilling market by storm, but gas is still king of the backyard.

So you're on the hunt for a new grill, and you may be wondering: which one is the best grill for me? There are many options; from fuel source to additional features.  Below, we'll break down some of the key decision factors that will help you find the right grill:

4 Reasons To Love Our Gas Grills


Gas grills can reach a scorching temperature in a matter of minutes. They also offer precise temperature control when grilling any kind of breakfast, lunch, or dinner. No need to wait, just fire it up, preheat quickly, brush, and start grilling. Broil King gas grills make it easy to get the perfect sear marks and the ultimate in vaporization every time. For performance you need power and our gas grills have plenty of power. Think of your gas grill as the reliable Monday to Friday workhorse that delivers peak performance in a hurry when you want grilled flavour without having to put on a show.


Gas grills come in a wide variety of prices and sizes. Let’s be serious, not every griller is looking for 1000 square inches of grilling fury in their backyard. We offer everything from portable camping grills to a professional line of built-in island grills or grill heads. We offer grills from 1 to 6 burners with an array of extras which we’ll get to next. All you need to do to pick the right grill for your space & lifestyle. Remember, no matter which Broil King you choose we don’t cut corners on quality, although a 3 burner Monarch is smaller than our Imperial series it’s made of the same heavy quality materials. With a stylish and distinct look, carefully sculpted curves, Broil King gas grills will complement any outdoor environment.


Gas grills come with extras! Like a side burner, infrared burner, or rotisserie. The ability to simmer sauce, fry vegetables, or boil corn on your side burner can’t be overlooked. Free up precious space in the kitchen, keep the heat outdoors, don’t set off your smoke alarm, then move your kitchen outdoors.  Have a grill with an infrared burner? Get ready to wow your family and friends in person or on Instagram. Infrared burners are fun and a great scorching hot 1700°F (927°C) add-on for your Broil King grill! If you’ve never experienced rotisserie grilling, you don’t know what you’re missing, the best roast experience you could have comes from a rotisserie. Remember, more extras mean more grilling possibilities.

Cooking System

No matter which Broil King gas grill you choose, our legendary cooking system and Performance Grilling Technology (PGT) give you the ability to cook almost anything on your grill in any style you desire.  Drippings that fall onto the Flav-r-wave are instantly vaporized and stick to your food to give you that unmistakable barbecue flavor. The flavor is key: ask yourself, would you rather have a steak cooked in a pan or seared on a grill? Do they taste the same? I think we know the answer. We all love that unmistakable grilled flavor, it’s why we grill.

4 Reasons To Love Our Pellet Grills


It’s why we buy a grill but pellet grills come with smoke flavor too. Experiment with all of our pellet fuel flavors, mix and match to create your own signature pellet blends. Our Apple Wood Pellets with a hint of Smoke Masters Blend is a personal favorite. Just the right amount of sweet and savory, great with pork shoulder, smash burgers, and steak! A true catch-all flavor. We offer a total of five different wood pellet blends that give you limitless flavor possibilities.


Appliance-like temperature control all at your fingertips. Check and adjust temperatures on our Deluxe Wi-Fi and Bluetooth®-enabled appliance style control panel. The back-lit LED screen is a must for overnight cookouts. Each Broil King pellet grill controller features a built-in timer, stopwatch, and two integrated temperature probes so you know when your food is done! No more opening the lid to see if dinner is ready, just simply check the control panel. Set it and forget it couldn’t describe a pellet grill more accurately.

Searing Power

Every Broil King Pellet Grill comes with reversible heavy-duty cast-iron cooking grates. Since pellet grills need to pre-heat like an oven, that heat needs to be retained to deliver better sear marks. Heavy cooking grates retain heat better for the perfect sear mark. Searing power isn’t just about heat retention it’s about heat generation, these pellet grills burn hot when they need to for better radiant heat and more vaporization off of the grease ramp. Don’t just buy a pellet grill that can smoke, buy one that can smoke, sear, and everything in between.


If you are looking for a grill that does it all, look no further than Broil King pellet grills; they’re designed to make all grilling easy! With just a touch of one of our three convenient quick-set buttons, you can smoke brisket and ribs like a pitmaster, bake a pie, rotisserie a chicken, and grill burgers or steaks at searing temperatures. Regal pellet grills come with a professional rotisserie kit, right out of the box. With a pellet grill it’s all that easy, let the grill regulate the cookout while you fine-tune your flavours.

What is the Best Grill For Me:

No matter what Broil King you choose, we will be with you every step of the way, there really isn’t a bad choice, it’s just a matter of making the right choice for you. Happy Grilling! And welcome to the Broil King Family! Here’s a quick recap.

Gas Grills Offer:

  • More convenience when grilling a quick meal.
  • More shapes, sizes, and price points to fit any backyard, patio, or campground.
  • More extras like a side burner, infrared burner, and rotisserie kit.
  • Designed for flavour, the flavour of vaporization and sear.

Pellet Grills Offer:

  • More smoke flavour and a variety of fuel types to explore new flavour possibilities.
  • Appliance-like controls and performance.
  • Can reach searing temperatures to grill the perfect steak!
  • Versatility to Smoke, Roast, and Grill.