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pogalux goGreen iGardenSolution360° for your pool

goGreen Technologie for a greener future, full inverter pool heat pump, full inverter water pump, InverX AI wireless Poolrobot X-Warrior with Guiness World Record, 10 hours Poolcleaning.

With our products, we create benefits for people and nature.

pogalux iGardenSolution360°

Your swimming pool + garden goGreen, for the future, the environment and your wallet.

Efficient, innovative and modern products that stand for quality and reliability. Excellent warranty and service included. Remote controls wherever you are.

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pogalux iGardenSolution360°

  • Less power consumption = lower costs and lower environmental impact.
  • No water consumption = lower costs and no unnecessary water consumption
  • no water consumption = lower costs for chemicals or other resources, thus lower environmental impact
  • full autonomy = less effort and more return
  • Use of rainwater = free and environmentally friendly
  • Use of solar energy = for an absolutely self-sufficient swimming pool solution
  • Cost-optimized products for your dream garden
  • Same performance with less consumption = lower costs and lower environmental impact
  • Longevity = quality for a long service life, saves money and protects the environment
  • Modular systems = extensions possible or even included (Wifi included, cover including app free of charge, service included, warranty included, spare parts available).

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  • Pool heat pump COP >16 (pogalux AquaX TurboSilence)
  • Wireless pool cleaning robot world first (pogalux InverX AI wireless X-Warrior pool robot)
  • Filter pump quiet and powerful (pogalux InverHero filter pump)
  • Photovoltaic inverters and storage systems (pogalux InverX solar storage & inverter

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