TM-645-V Nik Höltschi

The TM-645-V was born out of a love of mechanical movements and watches. The playful and ornate design of the TM-645 Vintage lets you travel back in time.

The uniqueness of the TM-645 is unmistakable: With this watch, you bring a "time machine" into your own four walls. My goal was to build a watch in which a sophisticated mechanism can be recognized by a continuous and smooth movement. The deliberately very slow movement has a very calming effect on the viewer. The design is inspired by old machines that were mechanically built to last. The watch is driven by a small electric synchronous motor. This follows the mains frequency, which is continuously corrected (+/- a few seconds at absolute time). You can hear the hum of the engine and the subtle noise of the gears very quietly. The time can be set by simply turning the minute ring. In addition, the drive is equipped with a safety clutch so that you cannot pinch your fingers.