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greenworkshops.ch several locations

Kokedama Terrarium

The easiest way to keep your Kokedama lush and green indoors. Terrariums are self-sustaining biotopes and therefore require minimal care. A little attention every few weeks is enough to maintain a beautiful Kokedama terrarium.

Flechtart GmbH several locations

unico — the willow fence made to measure

With unico we create a variety of organic structures, boundaries and privacy screens in the gardens. unico consists of round steel and perennial willow. unico is always unique in the garden.

ART by BONVALET Hall 4 / K15

Dandelions in big size for the garden

Dandelion in XXL for den garden in different sizes from 240 cm on to 600 cm. The material is Polyester and, wire and PET. All is weatherproofed and also windproofed. Easy installation for the garden. I have also other flowers like poppy flowers, grasslike plants and others. I create all by myself.

Brader Arts Hall 3 / C20
Application example

Sculputres in Stone, Bronze and Steel

My sculptures are based on the female figure. By adding an abstract twist, I am likely exploring new and creative ways to depict the female silhouette and convey my artistic vision. By manipulating the proportions, distorting, or exaggerating certain features I try to do that.

Alhena Bepflanzungssysteme GmbH several locations
Application example

10 minutes at 1280° Celsius

At our exhibition, we would like to present to you a unique artwork - a ceramic half-sphere that serves as a fountain. Experience the harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality in this fascinating art piece.

Rutishauser AG Entry area / A14
World of flora and plants

The Colorful Diversity of Tulips

The fascinating history and symbolism of tulips date back to the 16th century. Today, they are an indispensable part of gardens and floral arrangements worldwide, especially cherished in floristry for their diverse colors and forms.

Inbrunst Grill&Co OG Entry area / F12

Our 380°Grill - the Best of the Best

Two Years of prototyping. Lots of BBQ sessions later. We got it. Maybe the most important grill for ambitious chefs at home. Backing, grilling and smoking. No Problem for our 380° outdoor expansion grill.

Fleurop Interflora (Schweiz) several locations
World of flora and plants

Fleurop - bold, fresh, cool, stylish and full of surprises as usual

Do you like it green? Or flowery? Are you interested in lifestyle in your home? Do you like home-grown produce for the table? Are you passionate about cooking? Then the FLEUROP stand with its various brands and product lines is an absolute must.

Fleurop Interflora (Schweiz) several locations


The Fleurop flagship store "The BLOOMERY" is located directly at the main entrance of Switzerland's most popular shopping center, the Glattzentrum. There, the minimalist industrial look fully meets the taste of the urban clientele. The store is a paradise for everyone who loves flowers and plants.

Bärtschiger AG Hall 1 / A10

Real art works

Marble sculptures that weigh tons, carved by hand from a large block of marble. A stonemason with years of experience works on a large lion for about 6 months. Bronze cast in clay molds which can only be used once, carefully assembled by hand, polished and burnished.

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