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LUXED Beleuchtungen GmbH 1 / B25

Bover Outdoor Lighting

Bover's handmade products stand out in particular with their rounded shapes and colors. Bover's Mediterranean identity can be felt in every product. The designs are timeless and aim to fill the environment with warmth and quality of life.

Mitera GmbH 6 / M06
Application example

MITERA DNA-based traceability from field to the storage location

Learn more about DNA-based traceability that establishes a solid connection with our customers and promotes sustainable practices. Consumers, therefore, have the absolute certainty regarding the production chain and the purity of our olive oils.

Mitera GmbH 6 / M06

It all started with a visit to Crete.....

My name is Antonella Meyer-Masciulli from Bremgarten (AG). I am an olive oil taster and jury member on the Swiss Olive Oil Panel at the ZHAW as well as an ambassador for Switzerland and Greece for the renowned ONAOO (Organisazione Nazionale Assaggiatori di Olio di Oliva) in Italy.

Flechtart GmbH several locations
Highlight 2024

BirdsNest | to take off!

Flechtart's oversized bird's nest enchants young and old with completely new perspectives and the best views in Adelboden. For lovebirds, wandering birds and quiet connoisseurs who really want to put themselves in the limelight.

Brunnen-Paradies GmbH 1 / A20

Stone fountains, wrought iron and other unique garden decorations.

In our display garden in Suhr you will find all kinds of unique garden decorations. You can also submit your own ideas and we can create the product of your dreams. Please contact us for more information.

TISCA Tischhauser AG several locations

Outdoor Living.

Garden & terraces with Tisca Appenzell turf - true to nature or in your favorite color. The small balcony appears much larger and more spacious, the seating area gets structure, changing colors set accents. set accents. There are no limits to the design possibilities.

Brader Arts 3 / C20
Application example

Sculputres in Stone, Bronze and Steel

My sculptures are based on the female figure. By adding an abstract twist, I am likely exploring new and creative ways to depict the female silhouette and convey my artistic vision. By manipulating the proportions, distorting, or exaggerating certain features I try to do that.

Boum AG 4 / G23
Balcony Gardening

Urban gardening for beginners: How to start your own balcony garden

Urban Gardening is in vogue, and with good reason. Green spaces bring multiple benefits. Dive into this blog post to discover ten compelling reasons behind the resurgence of greenery in cities and find out how you can actively participate in this movement.

anderDING Basalt and more 5 / B16

Unknown Nordic BASPANEL

BASPANEL privacy screens from Unknown Nordic are becoming increasingly popular. Come and see for yourself at Giardina or afterwards in the new anderDING showroom in Engwilen/TG.

Brunnen-Paradies GmbH 1 / A20

We provide all you need to beautify and delight your unique garden

We recommend our company for your fountain project or the design of your personal wrought iron product. Every product is unique, either custom-made or antique.

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