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An original since 1968. In the Sunball you can sit, lie down, and relax. Look at it from the outside. Enjoy its design and its value. When shut, it repels the elements - when opened, it embraces them. Everything in between depends on individual preferences.


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  • O Bath & Water World
  • O Balcony & Terrace
  • O Shading
  • O Horticultural element
  • O Furniture
  • O Craftsmanship

About us

At the age of 5 Olaf Bollmann discovered a huge yellow orb at a yard as he was taking a walk among his parents.

Closed up it appeared as it would have descended from another star.

The object he noticed was Rosenthal’s Sunball. Decades later he managed to acquire one of those precious rarities himself and deductively secured exclusive rights to the Sunball. Ever since, he was inspirited to remodel the outstanding orb.

With the assistance of Mr. Selldorf and the Ris’, Ilka and Olaf Bollmann’s idea turned into a concept.

Each exemplar is unique, completely personalized to the proud owner.

The Sunball consists only of upmarket materials which are chosen without any compromise. The interior is crafted by Saddlers. It is made of upholstery fabric which is used for the deck area of yachts. Like the hull the shell is laminated with glass fiber reinforced plastic. High quality metal elements made of aluminum and stainless steal decorate the finished product.

This is the source of the Sunball’s unswerving power. Weather and time will pass, only the Sunball remains.