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Winkler Richard Naturgärten

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People feel safe in our natural gardens - both small and big. Perhaps this is because we develop our own design idea for each garden. An idea that harmonises personal wishes with the idea of a natural garden.

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About us

Whether a beginner or an experienced natural gardener - our staff see the connections in everything. Even during construction, our employees treat the gardens with care - whether they are digging foundations or laying paths. Concrete is only used where other types of paving are not possible. Otherwise we work close to nature, with local wood, Swiss natural stone and gravel. Our horticulture is not ordinary. Just like our horticulturists, who make the unusual possible and protect biodiversity in its particularity. 

For more than 40 years, Winkler Richard Naturgärten has been concerned with building living gardens as a bridge between people and nature. Animals and a diverse plant world find a home here. This is where people feel at home - both small and big. For each garden we develop our own design idea, which harmonises the customer's wishes with the idea of a natural garden. 

Our award-winning show gardens at Giardina demonstrate that design and ecology can be combined in the best possible way. After all, natural gardens do not necessarily mean "wild growth", but combine nature and design as landscaped garden spaces. Elements such as dry stone walls made of recycled material or natural swimming ponds, where the water is purified by the plants, demonstrate how this works. In 1999, we set up a show garden at Giardina for the first time; 2019 marked the twentieth anniversary of our participation. Seven of these gardens were honoured with a gold medal, four with a silver medal.

A Winkler-Richard garden is the symbiosis of the qualities of the place, combined with the needs of those who use the garden: A living natural space that invites people to live out their dreams.