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Profilitec S.p.A March 12, 2024
Application example

SUPAK 3 ways adjustment key

Uptec SUPAK enables conversion from self-levelling to fixed head, effortless removal of tabs and easy height adjustment. This versatile solution optimizes system adjustment for maximum efficiency.

Giardina 2024

Reglas Schweiz AG March 7, 2024
Highlight 2024


The SISO mounting system is freely available on the solar market for all solar installers and end customers and guarantees system reliability for decades. SISO stands for a solar safety mounting system.

Giardina 2024

Proxilia GmbH- Ihr Partner für Technik im Garten March 6, 2024
Tips & Tricks

Water your garden with rainwater – sustainable and affordable!

Why use rainwater? It protects the environment, reduces costs and is good for plants. We at Proxilia in Russikon are your competent partner for the planning and installation of rainwater harvesting systems and irrigation systems.

Giardina 2024

Proxilia GmbH- Ihr Partner für Technik im Garten February 28, 2024

Kress - Cordless Robotic Lawn Mower from CHF 2'999.00

Forget boundary wires! Kress robotic lawnmowers with RTK mow precisely via satellite. Lawn care redefined: Revolutionary RTK technology | Centimeter precision | Streakless result | Variety for every garden size.

Giardina 2024

Boum AG February 12, 2024
Balcony Gardening

A innovative planting system for a greener future.

Welcome to Boum, the eco-tech company that is set to revolutionize the way we cultivate plants. Soon, we will take a glimpse behind the scenes together and explore how Boum ignites a green revolution through the fusion of technology and ecology.

Giardina 2024

Novatec Garten Schweiz February 27, 2023
Highlight 2023

The ratchet pruning shears

Cut more easily, due to the new precision ratchet mechanism, you will experience a force saving of about 35% with the ratchet shears from REB-ONE! Test the scissors directly at our booth in hall 6, booth K14

Giardina 2023

WormUp GmbH February 14, 2023

Simple, odourless and natural composting

Every year, over 500,000 tonnes of organic waste end up in the bin in Switzerland. This means that Mr. and Mrs. Swiss fill the Prime Tower in Zurich 5 times a year. WormUp has set itself the goal of ensuring that no more organic waste ends up in normal waste. Bring on simple and odourless composting

Giardina 2023

WEPOT SA January 18, 2023

Ollas: a thousand-year-old irrigation system

The ollas are clay vessels used for capillary irrigation of plants. This irrigation system has a history of thousands of years, dating back more than 4000 years. It has been used in many regions of the world, especially in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Giardina 2023

WEPOT SA January 18, 2023
World of flora and plants

The art of watering your plants

Wepot specializes in watering of "ollas", a millennia-old system that allows plants to provide themselves with water while saving up to 70% water. We have developed different forms of ollas to meet all needs.

Giardina 2023

staub designlight ag January 4, 2023
Highlight 2023

Lighting for the world's most beautiful gardens

For more than 20 years, staub designlight has represented the epitome of atmospherically illuminated gardens, providing convincing arguments for underlining the beautiful and accentuating the valuable.

Giardina 2023

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