Balcony Gardening Giardina 2024

A innovative planting system for a greener future.

Welcome to Boum, the eco-tech company that is set to revolutionize the way we cultivate plants. Soon, we will take a glimpse behind the scenes together and explore how Boum ignites a green revolution through the fusion of technology and ecology.

In the world of Boum, it's not just about plants – it's about shaping a greener future. Founded as a spin-off of the University of Bern in 2021, Boum has set the goal of making the world bloom with our systems! How do we achieve this? By making gardening accessible to everyone. Our eco-tech system combines intelligent technology with ecological awareness to make plant care easier than ever before.

The Boum Revolution:

Stay tuned for our upcoming posts to discover how our system enables the effortless cultivation of trees, flowers, shrubs, and herbs without the need for extensive knowledge. Whether on balconies, terraces, or in gardens – Boum creates a green oasis without the daily maintenance. We've discussed the challenges of urban gardening with many friends and customers, identifying where our solution needs to step in to make gardening and the benefits of plants accessible to all.

Our work is driven by innovation, a belief in a sustainable future, and the joy of gardening. We firmly believe that plant cultivation can not only contribute to living more eco-friendly, but also enrich our daily lives and mental health. If you decide to visit us at this year's Giardina, you'll learn how our team of biologists, experts, and nature enthusiasts collaborates to continuously develop the best solutions for your plants.