Ticket marketing

Opening tickets

The Giardina Opening evening is the perfect setting for customer care, acquisition, and networking. Welcome your guests at the Giardina Opening evening. As an exhibitor, you can order the coveted Opening tickets in an elegant envelope.

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Giardina 2023 Opening

Date 12 March 2024
Time 17:00 - 22:00
Elegant envelope with 2 tickets CHF 90 .-

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Marketing voucher

Invite your customers to Giardina with voucher codes and keep track of the redeemed vouchers at all times via our Ticketing-Portal (ESC). You can see how many of your voucher codes have been redeemed and who is at the event in real time. You can also benefit from the effective branding options of the vouchers.


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  • Voucher (format 210 × 98 mm)
  • Minimum purchase, bundle of 10 copies (CHF 0.75/voucher)
  • Can be personalised with your logo
  • Only vouchers that are redeemed online are billed
Available January 2024
Price CHF 17 .- / voucher


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  • Voucher codes
  • You can send email campaigns with codes directly from our ticketing portal
  • Each code can only be redeemed once
Available January 2024
Price CHF 17 .- / redeemed code

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Branding vouchers

You can also add your brand message to the entire process – from when guests redeem your vouchers to when they enter Giardina.

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Branding package

  • When redeeming an entrance voucher that you issued, the visitor will see your brand message in the online Ticket Shop.
  • Your brand message (logo/ad) will appear on the Print@home ticket
  • Your brand message (logo/ad) will appear on the display of the turnstile at the entrance

CHF 390 .-

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Branding package bookings

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Questions about ESC & ticket marketing

Katja Brun

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