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A piece of nature in your own home

Houseplants increase the quality of life and aesthetically enhance your own four walls. Whether small or large, hanging or upright, green or colourful - at VEG and the City you are guaranteed to find a new roommate that suits you. 🌿

Houseplants belong in every home. They create a pleasant climate in the living space, look lovely and increase living comfort. However, houseplants need the right conditions to thrive properly.

Advantages of indoor plants

  • Houseplants improve humidity because they release water into the air through their leaves.
  • Houseplants purify the air. They can pull toxic chemicals out of the air, and photosynthesis turns CO2 into oxygen.
  • A green home reduces stress levels because plants have a calming effect on us.
  • They are simply beautiful to look at and go well with any interior.

Caring for houseplants the right way

Location - Finding the perfect spot

It is important for houseplants to have enough light. If they don't get enough light, they will wither. Plants that need light should be placed near a south-facing window. There is a risk of burning directly in front of the window. If you cannot offer your houseplant a window seat, a plant lamp is a real alternative. Plants that require less light can also be placed away from a window. Plants grow towards the light. So it is normal for them to turn and stretch towards the light source.

Watering - How to find out if your plant is thirsty

Every plant has slightly different watering requirements. Generally speaking, plants with thick, leathery, hard leaves tend to require less water than plants with tender shoots. Furthermore, they tend to need more water in summer (growth phase), while you need to water less or not at all in winter (dormant phase).

The surface of the soil often looks dry because that is where the water evaporates most quickly. Underneath, however, the soil can still be very wet. You can tell if you need to water by sticking a finger into the soil and feeling if the soil a few centimetres below is also dry. Only water the soil and not the parts of the plant. Water with room-warm water, then your plant will not be so frightened.

Fertilising - Providing nutrients

For your houseplant to grow, it needs nutrients. Be sure to choose a houseplant fertiliser. This is specially formulated for the needs of your green indoor inhabitants. The amount of fertiliser required varies greatly from plant to plant. In the dormant phase (winter), houseplants need little to no nutrients - so fertilise only a little or not at all.

Spraying - Some plants love to be sprinkled!

Especially houseplants of tropical origin love high humidity. They also appreciate it when you dust their leaves from time to time. You can spray the whole plant briefly with water in the shower. Let the excess water drip off and drain away before putting it back in the pot to avoid waterlogging in the pot. The other option is to regularly mist the plant with a water sprayer.


  • The right soil or substrate is just as important for houseplants as it is for your garden plants.
  • The right pot is not only decorative, but also reduces the risk of waterlogging. We show you when and how best to repot in our indoor plant courses.
  • Identify problems quickly thanks to regular checks. Use beneficial organisms for insect pests.

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Do you have any questions?

We are happy to help you, even if your plant is not doing so well. Drop by one of our stores with a sick leaf/photos of your plant. We share our extensive knowledge with you in our houseplant courses. You can read more details about the upcoming courses here.

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