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Housi Knecht, the artist with his own sculpture park in the manorhouse rubigen

The manourhouse rubigen was built in 1728. In 2013, the Bernese artist Housi Knecht took over the estate and created a sculpture park open to the public. This is open on weekends and the artist shows his latest works.

It is a respectable property the manorhouse rubigen.

The Bernese sculptor Housi Knecht has lived in the Schlössli Rubigen together with his wife Barbara since 2013. Ten rooms comprise the manor house built around 1730.

But the many rooms are not the main reason why Knecht bought the listed residence last year from an heir of the Bernese Kohlund acting family. Rather, it is the 3,000-square-meter garden. Here Knecht has realized a dream and built a sculpture park

The sculpture park is open every Saturday and Sunday from 14:00 to 17:00.

The whole history of the Schlössli Rubigen and the respective owners can be read on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia Manorhouse Rubigen