Service Giardina 2024

Natural stonewalls: an artistic craft

With various elements made of natural stone you can make your garden beautiful and give it a special flair. Our team will create your perfect wall with great skill and precision, from the normal wall, to the wonderful eye-catcher.

Natural stone can be used in a variety of ways - From a natural wall, for slope protection, to a fountain as an eye-catscher, to a privacy screen or an inviting seating wall. The wall of natural stones is ecological, durable and visually very different. There are hardly any limits to your imagination. With little effort, a natural stone wall can be transformed into a flower wall, as numerous plants are inherently adapted to thrive in such a habitat.

With or without flowers. Natural stone walls are an enrichment for every garden paradise.

Visit us at our stand and see it for yourself. We look forward to seeing you and your paradise.